WordPress 6.5, Should I switch to the “Block theme”?


When there’s something new with WordPress (WP), we usually wait. When the Gutenberg editor was released (in 2015, it seems to me) caution was the order of the day. Today, I can’t do without it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Shall we take the plunge? Are we abandoning this “Hybrid theme”?

Graphic design is a bit like everything else

Today, graphic designers are threatened by unprecedented, apocalyptic dangers. New technologies for some. The economic crisis for others. Some are even afraid of others and think that we train too much in the profession, just as we open up borders too much… It’s only global warming which, it seems to me, is of no consequence, […]

Simplicity is complex


First, to simplify, you have to give up.

My 3 wishes for the future of WordPress


WordPress is changing, fast, and I’m happy about it. But I have needs that aren’t necessarily those of the community! (spoiler alert multilangue)

First WordCamp, First Article


We arrived in Taipei by sky. Greeted by lush hills, then swallowed up by its intense urbanism. It’s a city, a massive city. From a distance, all you see is its brutalist architecture skyscrapers, with dated futurism, up close, you feel in a millennium village. The miracle of large Asian cities, for a European, we […]