When you buy a branded backpack for 20 francs in a shop in Vietnam, there are two solutions: either the brands overcharge us for their marketing, or the quality of our purchase is simply not good.

In my case, it’s the second solution. After less than a week, the plastics break and the seams crack. We say to ourselves: “It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t expensive.” We’re even relatively reassured that a 20 bucks bag isn’t as sturdy as its 100 version.

When a lawyer creates his logo almost free of charge with AI, Canva or another cheap logo service on the net, the approach isn’t too far off. He’ll probably be happy at first, but after a few months, this graphic object’s lack of ideas and personality will certainly start to show.

This approach is not far removed from the three-piece suit purchased at a fast-fashion department store. It’s fine for your cousin’s wedding, but when you pull it out again for your half-brother’s, you’ll have your doubts.

A logo, a brand, your image, is not a piece of clothing or a bag. It’s closer to tattooing. It’s up to you to choose it from a catalog and brand yourself with a generic, soulless image.

Don’t we deserve better?

You’ll tell me: “We don’t all have three grand to put into a logo, a choice of typeface and a color palette!”.

To begin with, working with a professional to draw up your branding means building a coherent, made-to-measure universe, not just a few random choices.

Then there’s the question of pricing. There are lots of different types of service. You can build a long-term relationship with a person who will support you in all aspects of your communication and, ultimately, make you more attractive, and therefore more profitable.

Tools that speed up and facilitate the production of graphics, websites, contracts, medical diagnoses and more make us all more efficient. But these are just tools. They must be used by professionals.

These tools are very good, and certainly some of the people who use them will have a sharp enough eye to get good things out of them. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, this will be a flimsy solution, not too mediocre at best, and lacking in meaning.

Just put yourself in my shoes. My job is graphic design, typography and ideas.

If our graphic environment deteriorates, so does my mood…

Graphic design is everywhere, from restaurant menus to hospital signage, from your business card to your website.

You populate a public space with your image. We all have a responsibility not to live in a “good enough” world.

Made in 10 minutes with Canva. It’s not a total failure, but it’s so banal.