When there’s something new with WordPress (WP), we usually wait. When the Gutenberg editor was released (in 2015, it seems to me) caution was the order of the day. Today, I can’t do without it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Shall we take the plunge? Are we abandoning this “Hybrid theme”?

For a bit of context for those of you just arriving, WP is undergoing a major transition.

To my left, the“Hybrid Theme (HT)” which continues to work with our habits and enjoying limited access to block editor benefits.

On my right, the“Block Theme (BT)”, which offers an almost complete customization experience and opens up to new possibilities with each new update.

First of all, there’s a psychological barrier. A BT means fewer codes. We feel we’ve been robbed of a certain know-how. This access to the matrix that makes us feel indispensable.

For me, it’s tailwind, it’s the ability to create PHP templates simply within my theme to create custom interfaces, it’s being able to manage the header and footer in my code directly, make cool little animations quickly, etc.
In reality, it’s mostly my habits that hold me back.

Of course, in 80% of cases, my customers won’t want (or need) access to styles and a high level of personalization.

But that’s not the fundamental question.

The question is whether we are aligned with the direction our work tool is taking. Personally, I had my doubts and my habits.

Especially since, in its latest version (6.5), some of the formatting tools (various spacing and alignment) are available for HTs. That’s a good thing, but it doesn’t help me move forward!

Am I aligned? The answer is not binary.

Yes, I like the direction it’s taking. to quickly and intuitively set up the overall style of the theme is elegant. Every change can be visualized at page, block or text style level… it’s chic.

But what happens when it comes to increasing the degree of customization? When will a multilingual version make me skip a page template from one language to another?

Up to now, I’ve often tried to start a new project with a BT, but each time, I’ve gone back to the first complications, for reasons of profitability for me and reliability for my customers.

In conclusion, it’s not yet obvious to me. I’ll keep trying to find a solution with a BT that’s flexible enough and offers a satisfactory development experience, while keeping a solid backup with an HT.

Some links for tailwind lovers

My hybrid theme is a customized version of tailpress. It’s simple and accessible.

By https://vanrossum.dev/en

There’s a great integration project, tailwind in a Hybrid Theme. It’s super complete, impressive.

By https://gregsullivan.com/

There’s also this solution for Block Themes. I haven’t tested it, but it looks very good. In particular, the interface elements in WP admin.
To be continued…

By https://gregsullivan.com/