Today, graphic designers are threatened by unprecedented, apocalyptic dangers.

New technologies for some. The economic crisis for others. Some are even afraid of others and think that we train too much in the profession, just as we open up borders too much…

It’s only global warming which, it seems to me, is of no consequence, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

But then, it’s kind of the same for everyone, isn’t it?

Clearly, this isn’t a party!

We are certainly less sheltered than lawyers or architects (among others), who have done a better job of protecting their professions and promoting their knowledge.

Today, mastering typography, having an eye for hierarchy and an instinct for well-managed white space don’t seem to carry much weight in the job market.

New technologies are effectively democratizing access to “good enough” graphics.

Never before has it been so important for us to unite in order to exist and demonstrate the undeniable added value that a designer brings to the results, as well as throughout the entire process.

A graphic designer has always been a link in a chain.

Graphic design is everywhere: in the media, in industry with printing and packaging, at the heart of digital projects with UX, in architecture with signage, in data with computer graphics, and the list goes on…

These fields need to integrate and value the contribution of a designer in their value-creation chains.

This is also the role of our trade association, SGD. And it does.

To do it better, it needs members. Today, there are over 11,000 graphic designers in Switzerland, and only 400 SGD members (approximately).

No miracle, a minority can’t defend a majority.

So get moving and become a member 🙂

But you don’t have to be a member to make a contribution.

At the start of this year, SGD is launching a questionnaire to better understand the situation and needs of professionals in the trade.

It’s here, it’s free and it only takes 10 minutes.